The project Pièces de Résistance is a collection of short dance videos conceptualized and performed by young international dancers. Their stories showcase what they resist for in our modern world through the mean of their moving bodies. Through their pieces, they open a dialogue on what dance is and will be about, as well as pushing the notion of documenting one form of Art with another.

noun : pièce de ré·sis·tance | \ pē-ˌes-də-rə-ˌzē-ˈstän(t)s : an outstanding item in a serie of events : showpiece. In a plural form, all pieces of the whole become remarkable and Résistance becomes what they stand and dance for.

Pièces de Résistance is a project directed by visual artist Guillaume Musset and performer-choreographer Javier Cobos Rodriguez. Together they form the non profit Sensitive Mechanisms Verein.

The first season received the generous support from the Abteilung Kultur Basel Stadt as well as the Doms Stiftung.

The second season (in production) benefits one more time from the support of the Jugendkultupauschale from the Abteilung Kultur BS ©sensitivemechanisms2021 All pictures Guillaume Musset

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