Dear All,

The project started strong with the shooting of 4 unique videos that will be posted in the next few weeks ! We warmly thank who participated so far, for your engagement and energy. We hope this was an insightful experience. 

Through this project we are asking you to :

  1.  Identify what you resist for or against and transcribe it through dance. 

  2. Write about it and transform words into movements. Establish a set                  choreography that doesn’t not necessarily cut out improvisation but will drive it with a  purpose. Javier will be clearer on that point.

  3. Think how to support your idea/story  by choosing partner(s) or not,  location, costume, and soundtrack


It is an introspective process in which you have to ask yourself who you are, who you think you are, or who you want to be. Think Yoga if it helps : the goal is to remember all our different selves into One being to find harmony and peace.

Ask yourself what’s on your way to Harmony and Peace. What do you do ? Who do you look up to ? What makes you smile /cry ? What emotions are hard to deal with ? 

« To live is the rarest thing in the World. Most people exist, that is all. »

Oscar Wilde

Living is resisting and dance is your gifted tool to express yourself.

Here’s an interpretation of Giovanna’s piece : 
She used outer space as her setting. Maybe she wondered WHERE before WHO which is also a way to go. She then  used the metaphor of being a meteorite that from outer space, enters an atmosphere and starts to explode. She is burning and resists against Gravity because she doesn’t want to crash but at the same time resist against the temptation of crashing because it’s been a while that she was floating alone in space. She knows something must break, something broke already and she dances between her memory and her potential, she dances in the present enjoying the Fall. 
=> We shot a video on a rooftop by night, used light to flash her during the progression of her dance. She chose two different musics to mark the different phases of her evolution and of course she needed to be alone in this video. 

We want you to come up with material that can help us push the interpretation during the meeting 1 week before the shooting. In that way, Javier and I can really assist your creative process and produce a material that can become the corner stone of something you can build after school. 
This project also questions your form of Art with other forms of Art to give more substance to the simple « archive »  

We live in a world of representation and we want you to use it to your advantage. 

Don’t wait your turn to start producing, begin the process already ! 

You will receive your video as a natural gift for your participation. 
Note that we drifted away from being directly affiliated with the school for political reasons
(conflict of interest in asking for fundings mostly)

Thank you all =)

With open arms

Guillaume and Javier